The term 'discourse' means different things to different academic disciplines.  There's a difference, for example, between political vs. scientific discourse.  In this episode, we explore what discourse means to Baha'is, focusing on five key characteristics:

1. A unifying focus;
2. We view discourse as consultative;
3. We strive for an uplifting approach;
4. Our contributions are principled;
5. We focus on constructive solutions.

We close the episode also exploring approaches which we should avoid.

0:00 Introduction
4:34 What is Discourse?
12:40 A Unifying Focus
22:38 Discourse as Consultation
29:10 An Uplifting Approach
33:50 Principled Contributions
37:53 Constructive Solutions
40:34 What to Avoid
44:36 Conclusions
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