Episode 20: The Science of Depolarization (Interview with Amanda Ripley)

An interview with award-winning journalist Amanda Ripley who shares insights on the science of bringing antagonistic groups together based on her recent best-selling book, High Conflict: Why We Get Trapped and How We Get Out.  

Includes discussion on evidence-based strategies for depolarization and on 
how the Baha'i community serves as a role model in this arena.


0:00 Introduction
5:20 Background to the Book
11:29 Avoiding High Conflict
16:03 Feeling Heard
19:10 Breaking Binaries
21:00 Avoiding Conflict Entrepreneurs
32:12 Cultivating Calm
35:40 Complicating the Narrative
39:29 Reaching a Saturation Point 
41:56 The Baha’i Community as Model
47:48 Hope & Human Triumph
50:15 Applications for the Workplace
53:00 Closing Thoughts
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