Episode 26: The Science of Depolarization (Interview with Dr. Lisa Schrich)

An interview with Dr. Lisa Schirch, a global authority on social media's impact on polarization. 

Here, Dr. Schirch explains how the algorithms that drive social media platforms favor polarization, a force further amplified by malicious foreign actors exploiting the platforms.

She also explores solutions at the individual level designed to improve our media diet and improve our etiquette of expression.


0:00 Introduction
2:10 How social media amplify polarization
14:27 Feeding our lower nature
19:05 The death of ‘objective’ news
31:00 Case Study: Myanmar
37:12 Solutions for us as individuals
46:02 The need for in-person interaction
50:46 The future for social media
53:17 Closing Thoughts
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