Episode 30: Bahá’í Approaches to Depolarization (Part One)

An exploration of Bahá’í-inspired approaches to depolarization building on what we've been learning over the past few episodes from the world's leading luminaries in this discourse.

Part One explores what we can do to limit the influence of toxic polarization in our own lives and how we can best regulate our own behavior so we don't unintentionally contribute to the problem.

Show notes:
Dr. Peter Coleman's Polarization Detox Challenge: https://startswith.us/pdc/
Gary Friedman: https://understandinginconflict.org/training/

0:00 Introduction
8:09 Five Principles for Depolarization
10:26 Polarization as Social Pollutant
21:41 An Etiquette of Expression
29:10 Training for Depolarization
31:32 Closing Thoughts
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