Episode 5: Learning From Our Mistakes

Reflection is about learning from both our victories and mistakes... so in this episode we explore what some of the main mistakes over the past 25 years might have been and what we can learn from these going forward. Of course, mistakes still have consequences - so the episode includes a special invitation for those who feel hurt by some of these mistakes.
This episode continues the theme of reflection from episode 4.  Where episode 4 celebrated our victories of the past 25 years, this episode explores some of our potential mistakes.  The episode focuses on four possible mistakes: allowing our sense of focus to exclude other vital community functions; rigid approaches to the needs of the Plans; insufficient regard for the needs of those less engaged; and a lack of scientific analysis in our study and reflection of initiatives.  The episode concludes with a special appeal to those who still feel hurt by such mistakes, inviting them to re-engage.
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