Episode 9: Transforming Education in Iran (Part One)

At a time when Iran was almost entirely illiterate, the Persian Baha'i community promulgated a network of over 60 schools throughout the entire Iranian nation. This is society building at its best! The episode features an interview with eminent Baha'i historian, Dr. Moojan Momen, who explains, in this episode, how this network of schools came to be. This is part one of a two part series (the next episode explores the impact the schools had on Iranian society).
In our last two episodes, we explored how the early Persian Baha'i community engaged in society building by helping facilitate a discourse on governance reform for Iran.  But with the enactment of Iran's first constitution, the reform movement grew increasingly divisive resulting in Abdul-Baha advising the Persian Baha'i community to disengage with political reform and instead focus its energies on address social reform.  Baha'is then turned their attention to, among other needs, transforming education in Iran by promulgating a network of over 60 across the entire Iranian nation.  This is the first in a two part series exploring this amazing chapter in our history.  It features an interview with Dr. Moojan Momen who in this episode provides the historical context and explores the rise of this network of schools.  The story continues in our next episode where we'll explore the impact this all had on wider Iranian society.
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